What is “LOVE LOUD”?

LOVE LOUD is an amazing one-day missions experience is for every member at South Haven. LOVE LOUD is also a key component of our Acts1:8 mission strategy for reaching our Jerusalem. Participants will have opportunities to choose from a variety of teams in an assortment of ministries. The purpose of LOVE LOUD is to share God’s redemptive story and to invite people to find hope in Jesus Christ. Love Loud 2018 dates TBA

Home Repair Team

This team will assist with doing minor home repairs for the elderly, disabled, widows and others in need. If you are good with a set of tools and can paint and fix things (and have a good strong back), then you need to be on this team.

Block Party Team

We’ve been talking to a local apartment manager near South Haven, and he would love for us to come and provide a block party for all their tenants. Therefore, we need a large team to set up a bounce house, tell a Bible story, face paint and share Jesus. NOTE: We need a couple of men to grill hot dogs for this ministry.

Acts of Kindness Team

The random acts of kindness team is a very important team. It will consist of washing windows, serving at laundry mats, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors, mopping, and passing out FREE chocolate chip cookies that our Cookie Baking Team has cooked for businesses and retirement homes.

Free Car Wash Team

We will offer free car washes just behind the QuikTrip in the Heritage Insurance parking lot. This is a wonderful opportunity for South Haven to shine brightly by providing a necessary service to the community and sharing Christ as we hand out Truelife.org gospel tracts.

The “Go Share Jesus” Team

Jesus commanded us to go and share the GOOD NEWS! (Mark 6:15). This team will be handing out FREE customized South Haven water bottles at soccer fields, skate parks, and other high traffic areas. We will provide you some great non-threatening questions that will help guide the conversations to sharing Jesus.

Serving our Community Leaders Team

We have a unique opportunity to reach out to some of our great leaders on October 14! The fire chief is so excited about South Haven coming to feed both fire stations. We need a team who can carry on good conversations, play “corn hole,” share Jesus and grill some hamburgers and hot dogs for the crew.

Other community project teams will include: Eye Class Clinic Team, Adopt-a-School Team, Pancake Breakfast Team, Child Care Team, Free Car Wash Team, Cookie Baking Team, Family Resource Center Team, Prayer Room or Prayer Driving or Prayer Walking Teams, and Yard Work Teams.